[Overseas shopping] 18 Japanese luxury watch brands【en】 | SCALE

[Overseas shopping] 18 Japanese luxury watch brands【en】


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As the charm of a Japanese watch brand

High technology

Japanese watchmakers produce most of the parts required for the watch in -house. For example, parts such as precision gears, mainspring, and jewelry bearings, which play an important role in the accuracy of the clock, are produced in -house, requiring advanced technical capabilities. For this reason, Japanese watch brands are known for their high quality and reliable.

Design diversity

Japanese watch brands offer a wide variety of design watches. It is loved by a wide variety of lineups, from sophisticated modern design to classic design and sporty design.

High practicality

Japanese watch brands create high -performance watches. For example, there are many practical functions such as waterproof and dustproof, solar power generation, GPS function, various timers and stopwatch functions, and can be used in everyday life.

Good cost performance

It is said that Japanese watch brands are high quality and excellent in functionality, but are relatively affordable, so they are cost -effective. Therefore, it is attractive that many people can easily enjoy the watch.

The richness of watch culture

Japan is a country where clock culture is rooted, and many people enjoy wearing watches. Therefore, it can be said that Japanese watchmakers have developed their own technology and designs and create brands loved by many people.

[Overseas shopping] 18 Japanese luxury watch brands【en】

Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko is a luxury mechanical clock of Seiko, featuring excellent accuracy and sophisticated design. It is famous among Japanese luxury watches and is a popular brand from collectors.


Citizen manufactures high -precision quartz watches, solar clocks, and mechanical clocks. Citizen is also focusing on environmentally friendly products, and a solar clock called eco -drive is known as a sustainable clock, reducing energy waste.


Seiko is one of Japan’s leading watch brands that provide a wide range of products, from high -precision quartz watches to luxury mechanical watches.


Casio watches are highly functional and are often suitable for outdoor and sports. In addition, brands such as G-SHOCK and EDIFICE are also popular with unique designs.


Kimoto is a brand that produces luxury pearl jewelry. It is also famous as a watch, and is developing quartz watches and mechanical clocks. It is popular with women with many elegant designs with pearls.


Campanora is a high -end line of Citizen, which features high -precision movement and beautiful design. We have everything from sporty to elegant.


Orient manufactures high -quality mechanical watches. As a Japanese watchmaker, it has a relatively long history, and has a variety of lineups, from affordable watches to luxury mechanical watches.


EDIFICE is a Japanese clock brand by Casio Computer. EDIFICE is a men’s watch lineup featuring a stylish and modern design. We have models that pursue sporty and sophisticated designs and high functionality.


Carremon developed the first model with the conviction that high -end and classic designs, which were dedicated to European luxury watch brands, with the Japanese quartz movement, and released them through crowdfunding the following year.


Minase is a watch brand established by a cutting tool manufacturer in 1963. The brand logo motif is made of step -with drills, creating a precise clock.


KNOT is a watch brand that started in 2015. The quality of Japan Maid and its own custom -made system have become a hot topic, and it has become a new but already standard.


The world -famous fashion brand “Issey Miyake”. We collaborate with domestic and overseas designers and make unique design watches.


The G -shock features a robust and tough design such as impact resistance and waterproofness. Since the first model was released in 1983, its robustness and innovative functionality have been supported by many people.


Rukia is a line for women in Seiko, featuring an elegant and elegant design. It uses high -precision movements and high -quality materials, which are also popular with women.


Seiko’s “pulsar” is one of the watch brands developed by Seiko. The pulsar is known for a watch that combines innovative design and advanced technology. As the demand for digital watches increased in the clock market at that time, Seiko focused on the development of digital watches through pulsar.


TRUME is a coined word of True (truth) + me (myself), a new brand launched in 2017 with the wish of “reflecting true self”. It has the concept of condensing Epson’s gene, which has created various products ahead of the world, and expresses it on an analog dial. It can be said that it is a brand suitable for installing a new mechanism.


MASTER WORKS is a Japanese watch brand that gathers masterpieces of craftsmen around the world.


“Kentex” is a Japanese watch manufacturer that manufactures mechanical watches and quartz watches. Kentex watches are characterized by classic design and vintage style, and are popular among watch enthusiasts and fashion enthusiasts.