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Shopping in Japan: 12 Popular Japanese Shopping Websites


Japanese forwarding sites [Recommended].

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Transfer Site

Lowest shipping prices in the industry among Japanese forwarding sites.
Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean

This is the best site for easy transfer. It’s easy to use and supports more languages than other sites.
Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean, Thai, Spanish, German, Russian, Indonesian

Various packages can be shipped together. Full customer support service (USA, Norway, China, etc.)
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

Easy to get a price quote price! One month storage is also possible!

A few simple steps in purchasing



Register as a new member of the forwarding site!


Get a Japanese address.


Purchase products through online shopping using a Japanese address.


Forwarding procedures (confirmation of package, payment of service charge)


Product arrived!

Comprehensive shopping site in Japan [Recommended].

Amazon Japan

The world’s largest e-commerce site

Amazon Japan is a website operated by the Japanese subsidiary of the American company Amazon. It is one of the top-selling e-commerce markets in Japan, and its sales continue to increase with each passing year.


The #1 shopping site in Japan

Rakuten is a website operated by Rakuten Group, Inc. which is a Japanese corporation. Over 90% of people in Japan have used this shopping site at least once. One of the features of the site is that the amount of rewards in points is much higher than other sites, so the longer you use the site, the more you get out of it.


The largest fashion shopping site for Japanese trends

ZOZOTOWN is a website run by the Japanese apparel company ZOZO Inc. and is home to most of Japan’s fashion trends. ZOZOTOWN is a Japanese apparel company run by ZOZO Inc.

Yahoo Shopping

A shopping site operated by a search engine that boasts a high market share in Japan along with Google.

Japan” is a website operated by the parent company of the Japanese company Softbank. Japan” is a site run by the parent company of the Japanese company Softbank. One of the most attractive features of the site is its wide variety of services, which number more than 200. Of these, shopping and auctions are among the most popular services and are therefore recommended.

ヤフオク(Yahoo Auction)

When it comes to auctions in Japan, this is the site!

Yahoo auctions are one of the services provided by yahoo Japan. As it is an auction site, there are many items on sale that are not available on Amazon or Rakuten.


Japan’s largest flea market site

Merkari is a flea market site run by Merkari Inc. Mercalli is currently the number one shopping site on Google Play, and is so famous that most young people today have used it at least once.

Japan’s leading consumer electronics retailer with over 7 million home appliances is a website operated by Yodobashi Camera Co. It is second only to Amazon in sales of consumer electronics products. The site features free shipping and high quality products, which results in a higher user retention rate than other sites.


Japan’s No. 1 fashion brand in the world

UNIQRO is a website run by a Japanese apparel company, UNIQLO, whose products are sold in many stores around the world and are worn not only by Japanese but also by people all over the world.