Worldwide shipping available!! 25 best outdoor online stores in Japan【en】 | SCALE

Worldwide shipping available!! 25 best outdoor online stores in Japan【en】


Japan’s best package transfer service [Foreigners only]

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Transfer site

  • Review 4.6 with a wide range of payments and services
  • Compatible with TNT, DPD, UPS

Bulgarian, German, Arabic, English,

  • The homepage is very easy to see and can be easily used by beginners.
  • The shipping cost is very cheap and very popular from overseas

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

  • Very convenient for shopping customers in Rakuten
  • We provide various services such as substitute purchase and price simulation.

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

  • Abundant services such as long -term delivery discounts and 30 -day free storage
  • Shipping and CS support 24 hours a day.

Japanese English

Service use procedure [Foreigners only]

STEP1 New member registration → Get your address

  • When registering, fill in your personal information and email address.
  • We recommend cards or PayPal as a shopping payment method.

STEP2 Shopping at overseas online shopping

  • Please use the address you received at STEP1 when shopping
  • Check out import prohibited products before purchasing

STEP3 Transfer procedure

  • Let’s finish the transfer request as soon as possible
  • The transfer method varies depending on the site, so let’s check it

STEP4 Product arrival

  • The shipped luggage will arrive at the receipt of about 4-7 days later.
  • Shipping costs may vary from country to country

A must -see! ! Import prohibition / regulated [Foreigners only]

Please be sure to check the imported items

If imported without confirmation, you may be arrested

STEP2.Overseas / Self -country [Import prohibited items]



[Payment overseas] WISE debit card [Foreigners only]


  • WISE debit cards can be used for overseas payments at a lower price than PayPal.
  • WISE can remittance in 80 or more countries

Japan’s Best Outdoor Online Store 25 [Delivered around the world]


Select shop centered on camps operated by Japan’s largest outdoor media “HINATA”


This site, operated by Aozorgear, which combines anime characters and outdoor goods, is recommended for those who like Japanese anime and manga.


Outdoor brand shops that have won the first place in the domestic EC site Amazon and Rakuten outdoor categories and is rising rapidly.


It is recommended for those who are thinking of outdoor goods that provide camps that create a luxurious atmosphere that combines functionality and design.